They Won’t Win – Danny + Greg

They Won’t Win is a folk-rock duo is made up of Danny M. Cohen and Greg Lanier.  Originally, the duo played around the Chicago area as DannyPlusGreg but changed their name to They Wont Win in 2017 when they went into the studio to record their debut album, Lost At Sea.

Danny M. Cohen, who originally hails from London, is the author of the Holocaust novel Train and the choose-your-own-adventure story The 19th Window. He is the founder of the human rights education nonprofit Unsilence and a distinguished professor of instruction at Northwestern University. He lives in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago with his husband and daughter. 

Greg Lanier grew up in America’s south and heartland and now works for the social science research institute NORC at the University of Chicago where he helps researchers share their work. He is also the co-founder of Cowboys and Astronauts, a men’s lifestyle and supplies shop that he runs with his partner. The shop is in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, where he also lives with his partner and daughter.

Hear Danny and Greg’s story in this week’s episode of Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast.

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Vogds – Queer Futurism

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Jake was always told they were “over the top” and “campy”. It wasn’t until they created their performance alter ego, Vogds, that they dove straight in and embraced their campy-over-the-top-ness.

As an artist at heart, it wasn’t hard for them to become a revolutionary visual artist and build a following in Chicago, IL. Writing, producing and learning to master their own songs, the sky is the limit for this multi-faceted artist. In addition to being an artist, they also act and are a fashion designer. Together with Sky Cubacub and Compton Q they form The Radical Visibility Collective, which makes Intersectional Future-Fashion Accessible to All.

Vogds can be described as “a pop queer futurist singer-songwriter-producer and multidisciplinary artist.” Learn what makes Vogds so unique in the Season 3 premiere of Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast.

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Countdown to Season 3 of Uncensored Visionary

28 days until the Season 3 premiere of Uncensored Visionary.

In celebration we will be doing a countdown of the 28 episodes we have released thus far!

28. WASI: Building Legacies Beyond Music – LISTEN HERE
27. Javier Saucedo: Facilitating Pathways of Acceptance – LISTEN HERE
26. Tyler Jacob – Soul Master Flex – LISTEN HERE
25. Andrew Neal – The Future is Genreless – LISTEN HERE
24. Vincent Coleman – Bone-Chillingly Soulful – LISTEN HERE
23. Kidd – Jack of All Trades – LISTEN HERE
22. Lucy LaForge – Love is Gay – LISTEN HERE
21. Myles Thatcher – Embracing ‘Otherness’ – LISTEN HERE
20. The Shequida Hall Show – LISTEN HERE
19. Matthew Dean Stewart – The Omnipresent Photographer – LISTEN HERE
18. Guelmo Rosa – The Ultimate Fighter – LISTEN HERE
17. Jaimie Kelton & Robin Hopkins – If These Ovaries Could Talk – LISTEN HERE
16. Thee Supaman – Certified Sex Specialist – LISTEN HERE
15. Corey Camperchioli – Unapologetically FEMME – LISTEN HERE
14. Adrian De Berardinis – Breaking Bread – Using Food to Break Down Barriers – LISTEN HERE
13. Teddy Margas – Doing it all by bypassing the conventional – LISTEN HERE
12. Barbara Belmont – Blazing a trail for LGBT badasses in science, technology, engineering and math – LISTEN HERE
11. Romi Faylo – Changing the fashion landscape, one sleeve at a time – LISTEN HERE
10. Eric Vera – Creating a lane for himself on his own terms – LISTEN HERE
09. Gayish Hosts Mike & Kyle – Plowing through one gay stereotype at a time – LISTEN HERE
08. Adam Tabellija – Creating cocktails with a sassy twist to kickstart your kiki! – LISTEN HERE
07. Jethro Patalinghug – Using film as a catalyst to educate, empower and protest – LISTEN HERE
06. Mario Elias – Queering the Straight Male Gaze – LISTEN HERE
05. Chad Onyx – Creating safe spaces for self-discovery with leather and kink – LISTEN HERE
04. Miss Pvssy – Inspiring the bad b*tch in all of us – LISTEN HERE
03. José Hernandez – Appreciating the masculinity and femininity of style – LISTEN HERE
02. Tom Bosworth – Putting our mile run time to shame, by walking – LISTEN HERE
01. Sampson McCormick – Ignoring what is supposed to be said in polite company – LISTEN HERE

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WASI – Building Legacies Beyond Music

WASI’s music and vigor is an invitation into WASI World: a utopia of love, liberation and a constant challenge of the status quo. Their anthemic songs speak of their experiences as Outsiders and owning your voice in a cloudy world. Influenced by the pop tenderness of Tegan and Sara with the rebellion of The Clash, WASI draws influence  from the west coast underground punk scene, late night dance clubs and hip hop production.

Their debut album RIOT POP speaks the stream of conscious honesty of a rebel who also fights to love themselves.

RIOT POP dropped on Friday, June 7, 2019 and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and wherever music is sold / streamed.

Learn about WASI’s recording process, their debut album and so much more on this week’s episode of Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast.

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Ishaan Sethi – Introducing India’s First LGBTQ+ Dating App

On August 24th, 2017, India struck down the illegality of Section 377 confirming the right of the LGBT+ people to express their sexuality without discrimination (or in some cases jail time). Months later, Ishaan Sethi built a LGBT+ dating app called Delta. A Brown University graduate who worked in marketing after graduating, Ishaan used his talent to create a record breaking app that creates safe spaces for like-minded individuals, while promoting access to support and resources. After moving back to India, which Ishaan says took him back 200 years progressively, he created the app as an opportunity to do something BIG for the community.

Today, Delta has more than 50,000 users and continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Why is it so popular? It probably has to do with it’s verification process to make sure that users are saying who they are? Or maybe it’s because the company links with local small business to provide safe spaces for users to meet? No matter what the reason is, Ishaan has something amazing on his hands and we cannot wait to see where he and Delta end up.

Check him out on IG and Twitter.

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Javier Saucedo – Facilitating Pathways of Acceptance

Javier Saucedo is a born leader. He was born and raised in Santa Ana, a city in the very conservative Orange County’s very conservative. Growing up there weren’t really any services for the Latinx LGBTQ community. So as a grassroots movement, him and a couple of friends created numerous organizations including the, currently running, De Colores Queer Orange County. De Colores Queer Orange County is an organization that supports first-generation Mexican families and their kids who come out as LGBT and hosts monthly support meetings at the LGBT Center OC in Santa Ana.

Additionally, Javier has worked tirelessly advocating for PrEP, HIV prevention and education. Today, Javier is on to a new journey as Program Supervisor for the TransVision Program. His hope is to put the T in front of LGBTQ+ and provide the service and care to the community that is and will continue to be his family.

Learn about Javier’s purpose, mission and so much more on this week’s episode of Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast.

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Fran Tirado - Unapologetically Queer

Out. Into More. Them. Hello Mr. Communion. What do these things have in common? All have facilitated the voice of rising activist, writer and editor Fran Tirado. Fran Tirado describes himself as “a writer, editor, and community-maker for all things queer.” His claim to fame was a little publication called Hello Mr. At Hello Mr., he was an editor, writer and curator for all things queer covering subjects from rape to racism and collaborated with everyone from sex workers to trans hikers and Pulitzer-winners. After working at Hello Mr., he was hired at OUT Magazine as their Deputy Editor in November 2018.

Fran is unapologetically queer and makes it known that he not only wants to wake queers up but to also help queers live in their queerness.

Check him out on IG and Twitter and visit his Official Website.

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#TBT Mario Elias – Queering the Straight Male Gaze

Queering the Straight Male Gaze.

Mario Elias is a visual designer, photographer, and Art Historian, with a focus on art as a tool for Queer Expression. Focusing on narratives that give visibility to those who have been historically marginalized, overlooked, or overshadowed, Mario’s work presents the Queer individual as a royal and otherworldly figure.

Follow Mario on Instagram and visit his Official Website

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Tyler Jacob – Soul Master Flex

Lawyer or Doctor. Those were some of Tyler Jacob‘s predestined careers. He kept denying and denying his talent as a singer. But it wasn’t until one of his early year teachers intervened that he began his path as a singer.

Singer / Songwriter Tyler Jacob was born in Camden, NJ in a time when it was considered one of the most dangerous cities in America. He always knew he wanted to be a singer and through some miracle he was discovered while singing on the train. From there he was signed, was a part of a reality TV show called Unsigned and opened for Brandy (yes that Brandy). Tyler Jacob’s ultimate goal is to get everyone to their highest self through his music.

Learn about Tyler’s musical aspirations, fashion influences and so much more on this week’s episode of Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast.

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James Jorden – Opera from a Queer Perspective

Opera from a queer perspective isn’t a phrase that you hear too often. Well, that’s what James Jorden set out to do in the early 90s and how he came up with the idea is interesting. During a hookup, James and the mystery man got high and discussed what they did and wanted to do with their lives. The hookup then told James that maybe he could make a zine for opera, just like the mystery man’s friend who did it for architecture. And thus Parterre Box was born. The first few issues were distributed in The Met bathroom.

Today, the writers for the e-zine-cum-blog are official press at The Met. What makes James’ Parterre unique is that it is a quirky, witty and sometimes savage (re: honest) review of opera performances. Outside of the online publication, Parterre Box also has a supplemental podcast, Unnatural Acts of Opera.

To find out more, follow his unapologetic and irreverent Twitter account @parterre. Tell him Uncensored Visionary sent you so he can come on the show!

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