Chad Onyx – Creating safe spaces for self-discovery with leather and kink

Educate. Explore. Empower.

These are the words that Chad Onyx and the rest of his fraternal brethren live by. Born in Virginia, as one of two children, Chad roamed around the United States until he finally landed in South California. From there he learned and built a brotherhood for gay and bisexual men of color to explore their interest in leather and kink. Through empowerment and education, Onyx facilitates a safe space for people to be themselves without judgment.

ONYX is a fraternal organization for gay and bisexual men of color. The Southwest (ONYX-SW) chapter is centered in the Los Angeles/San Diego/Palm Springs areas and Southwestern states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah. Full membership is open to gay and bisexual men of color and associate membership is open to men and women of any race or sexual persuasion.

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