Romi Faylo – Changing the fashion landscape, one sleeve at a time

Romi Faylo was born in Uzbekistan and is based in Jaffa, Israel. As a fashion designer he currently works for the fashion brand Wilde Vertigga.

Romi studied fashion design at Shenkar, College of Engineering, Design and Art. The common factor of his designs is the lack of gender, he doesn’t design clothes for women or men. He simply wants to design beautiful clothes.

Wild Vertigga is a conceptual brand that sanctifies asymmetry, not just as a design, but as a way of life. Asymmetry represents dynamism and occurrence, while symmetrical “straight” shapes represent staticness and fixation, so our first campaign is called “Rather Naked than Straight” with a small wink to the queer community. The brand offers several non-gender items, but the brand appeals to everyone, regardless of sexual preferences, anyone who identifies with the brand’s agenda.

In addition to working for Wilde Vertigga, Romi founded, with a group of 3 people, a startup company called F.F.P. TECHNOLOGIES LTD. The project deals with the development of materials designed to spray on molds for the manufacture of seamless clothing in mass-production. Currently, they have a prototype and we are in the stage of fund raising for further development.

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