Preston Chamblee - The Balancing Act

Preston Chamblee didn’t expect it. By ‘it’, I mean his success. He began ballet training in Wendell, North Carolina at the age of 14. He then continued training at the Internal Ballet Academy in Apex, NC before heading off to the School of America Ballet (SAB) during the summers. In 2015, Preston joined the New York City Ballet and has never looked back with his breakout role of Peter Martins’ “The Infernal Machine”. describes his performance with Unity Phelan as, “With these two dancers, the piece appeared to have a more feral focus: less machine, and more inferno. It was a fabulous performance by both these young dancers.” Since then he has starred in Lauren Lovette’s Not Our Fate (2018) —

Ultimately, he would love to “I hope to be part of a generation that can change the boundaries of what ballet can do, a generation that says we’re going to represent everyone, not just the stories that have been told before.”

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