Parvez Sharma - The Ultimate Sinner

Michelle Obama christened him as a “LGBT Hero.” The Dalai Lama named him as one of “50 Visionaries changing your world.” Born in India, Parvez Sharma grew up as a visionary who saw the world in images and stories. Fast forward to 2008, when he released his controversial film “A Jihad for Love.” The film took six years to film and addresses the intersectionality of the Islamic faith and homosexuality. It was the first film of its kind and received universal praise.

Seven years later, he released his most controversial film to date, A Sinner in Mecca. The film follows his journey on his pilgrimage to Mecca as an openly gay man. To film this documentary, Parvez secretly recorded his experience including conversations with a self-confessing murderer and overzealous police members. A Sinner in Mecca earned Parvez an incredible amount of hate mail and death threats. Despite this, Parvez continues to promote his work and we cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

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