James Jorden – Opera from a Queer Perspective

Opera from a queer perspective isn’t a phrase that you hear too often. Well, that’s what James Jorden set out to do in the early 90s and how he came up with the idea is interesting. During a hookup, James and the mystery man got high and discussed what they did and wanted to do with their lives. The hookup then told James that maybe he could make a zine for opera, just like the mystery man’s friend who did it for architecture. And thus Parterre Box was born. The first few issues were distributed in The Met bathroom.

Today, the writers for the e-zine-cum-blog are official press at The Met. What makes James’ Parterre unique is that it is a quirky, witty and sometimes savage (re: honest) review of opera performances. Outside of the online publication, Parterre Box also has a supplemental podcast, Unnatural Acts of Opera.

To find out more, follow his unapologetic and irreverent Twitter account @parterre. Tell him Uncensored Visionary sent you so he can come on the show!