Fran Tirado - Unapologetically Queer

Out. Into More. Them. Hello Mr. Communion. What do these things have in common? All have facilitated the voice of rising activist, writer and editor Fran Tirado. Fran Tirado describes himself as “a writer, editor, and community-maker for all things queer.” His claim to fame was a little publication called Hello Mr. At Hello Mr., he was an editor, writer and curator for all things queer covering subjects from rape to racism and collaborated with everyone from sex workers to trans hikers and Pulitzer-winners. After working at Hello Mr., he was hired at OUT Magazine as their Deputy Editor in November 2018.

Fran is unapologetically queer and makes it known that he not only wants to wake queers up but to also help queers live in their queerness.

Check him out on IG and Twitter and visit his Official Website.