Ishaan Sethi – Introducing India’s First LGBTQ+ Dating App

On August 24th, 2017, India struck down the illegality of Section 377 confirming the right of the LGBT+ people to express their sexuality without discrimination (or in some cases jail time). Months later, Ishaan Sethi built a LGBT+ dating app called Delta. A Brown University graduate who worked in marketing after graduating, Ishaan used his talent to create a record breaking app that creates safe spaces for like-minded individuals, while promoting access to support and resources. After moving back to India, which Ishaan says took him back 200 years progressively, he created the app as an opportunity to do something BIG for the community.

Today, Delta has more than 50,000 users and continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Why is it so popular? It probably has to do with it’s verification process to make sure that users are saying who they are? Or maybe it’s because the company links with local small business to provide safe spaces for users to meet? No matter what the reason is, Ishaan has something amazing on his hands and we cannot wait to see where he and Delta end up.

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