Ishaan Sethi – Introducing India’s First LGBTQ+ Dating App

On August 24th, 2017, India struck down the illegality of Section 377 confirming the right of the LGBT+ people to express their sexuality without discrimination (or in some cases jail time). Months later, Ishaan Sethi built a LGBT+ dating app called Delta. A Brown University graduate who worked in marketing after graduating, Ishaan used his talent to create a record breaking app that creates safe spaces for like-minded individuals, while promoting access to support and resources. After moving back to India, which Ishaan says took him back 200 years progressively, he created the app as an opportunity to do something BIG for the community.

Today, Delta has more than 50,000 users and continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Why is it so popular? It probably has to do with it’s verification process to make sure that users are saying who they are? Or maybe it’s because the company links with local small business to provide safe spaces for users to meet? No matter what the reason is, Ishaan has something amazing on his hands and we cannot wait to see where he and Delta end up.

Check him out on IG and Twitter.

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Fran Tirado - Unapologetically Queer

Out. Into More. Them. Hello Mr. Communion. What do these things have in common? All have facilitated the voice of rising activist, writer and editor Fran Tirado. Fran Tirado describes himself as “a writer, editor, and community-maker for all things queer.” His claim to fame was a little publication called Hello Mr. At Hello Mr., he was an editor, writer and curator for all things queer covering subjects from rape to racism and collaborated with everyone from sex workers to trans hikers and Pulitzer-winners. After working at Hello Mr., he was hired at OUT Magazine as their Deputy Editor in November 2018.

Fran is unapologetically queer and makes it known that he not only wants to wake queers up but to also help queers live in their queerness.

Check him out on IG and Twitter and visit his Official Website.

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James Jorden – Opera from a Queer Perspective

Opera from a queer perspective isn’t a phrase that you hear too often. Well, that’s what James Jorden set out to do in the early 90s and how he came up with the idea is interesting. During a hookup, James and the mystery man got high and discussed what they did and wanted to do with their lives. The hookup then told James that maybe he could make a zine for opera, just like the mystery man’s friend who did it for architecture. And thus Parterre Box was born. The first few issues were distributed in The Met bathroom.

Today, the writers for the e-zine-cum-blog are official press at The Met. What makes James’ Parterre unique is that it is a quirky, witty and sometimes savage (re: honest) review of opera performances. Outside of the online publication, Parterre Box also has a supplemental podcast, Unnatural Acts of Opera.

To find out more, follow his unapologetic and irreverent Twitter account @parterre. Tell him Uncensored Visionary sent you so he can come on the show!

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Jack Andraka - Prodigy of Pancreatic Cancer

Jack Andraka, the Teen Prodigy of Pancreatic Cancer. Imagine walking around with that sort of title. Well that’s what happened when, in 2012, Jack won the grand prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. His winning presentation was a method that could potentially detect the early stages of pancreatic and other cancers. This detection method is currently being tested and prepared for over-the-counter use. He created this detection method after being inspired by a family friend who died of Pancreatic Cancer years prior.

Currently, Jack is a student at Stanford University majoring in Anthropology and in Electrical Engineering. Let’s hope his detection method will be furthered expanded and eventually shared for public use.

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Matteo Lane – The Multi-Hyphenate Comedian

Opera Singer. Oil Painter. Comedian. Those are three careers that Matteo Lane has held over the course of his very short 32 years on this planet. This speaks to his breadth of skill and hard work. Originally from Illinois and currently New York based, Matteo is a comedian who has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party. In addition to being a comedian, Matteo hosted a snapchat show called Ghost Hunt where he tracks people down who have ghosted people they have dated.

Outside his burgeoning career, Matteo can speak English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Who is cooler than Matteo? No one, especially since he’s gotten to work with the hilarious Nicole Byer.

Peep his tour dates and make sure to visit his delicious Instagram account here.

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Parvez Sharma - The Ultimate Sinner

Michelle Obama christened him as a “LGBT Hero.” The Dalai Lama named him as one of “50 Visionaries changing your world.” Born in India, Parvez Sharma grew up as a visionary who saw the world in images and stories. Fast forward to 2008, when he released his controversial film “A Jihad for Love.” The film took six years to film and addresses the intersectionality of the Islamic faith and homosexuality. It was the first film of its kind and received universal praise.

Seven years later, he released his most controversial film to date, A Sinner in Mecca. The film follows his journey on his pilgrimage to Mecca as an openly gay man. To film this documentary, Parvez secretly recorded his experience including conversations with a self-confessing murderer and overzealous police members. A Sinner in Mecca earned Parvez an incredible amount of hate mail and death threats. Despite this, Parvez continues to promote his work and we cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

For more information on other LBGTQ badasses, like Parvez, make sure to visit

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Bradley Stern – It’s Britney, Bitch

From to to, I’ve been a fan of Bradley Stern’s since 2006-ish. He has a way of providing nuanced, entertaining and ultimately spot on reviews of music. Thanks to Bradley, I was introduced to the likes (and brilliance) of Carly Rae Jepson and Charli XCX. Currently, Bradley runs music blog that provides music reviews, interviews and exclusive content with a sassy twist. One of the many things I love about Bradley is that he doesn’t just talk about mainstream artists. He introduces and talks about up and comers such as Mabel (UK).

Every piece of content that Bradley writes gives insight into not only the music, but also the artist behind the music. His posts are witty, point out the silliness of the music industry and subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) provide references to Hikaru Utada in just about every post. In addition to being a fan of Hikaru Utada, Bradley is a well known Britney Spears super STAN (had to be in capital letters). As a super STAN, Bradley co-hosts super popular podcast, “It’s Britney, Bitch” with T. Kyle. The podcast celebrates “20 years of the Living Legend, Britney Jean Spears.”

Follow Bradley on Instagram, his Britney podcast here and visit one of my favorite music blogs

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Rakeem Cunningham - Black, Colorful and Bootylicious

As a self-taught artist and UCLA alumni, Rakeem Cunningham has made a name for himself showcasing his unique point of view on the multi-plexity of Queer People of Color (QPoC). At 16, Rakeem was introduced to photography after his mother randomly asked him to take pictures of his sister. It was this out-of-the-blue experience and the fact that he did not have a social life that facilitated his interest in photo composition.

From there, on weekends, he would walk to the park near his childhood home and shoot. Fast forward 10 years later and Rakeem is at the apex of his career. Through the portrait medium, he showcases the experiences of QPoC and their acceptance of flaws.

Visit his eye popping Instagram account here.

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Ryan O’Connell - Special AF

“I feel like there’s such ignorance around disability, so people infantilize you.” This quote is from the brilliant and brutally honest Ryan O’Connell and speaks to people’s inability to see people with disabilities as fully autonomous and capable individuals. This is why Ryan has been so successful. His career has been based on the fact that he is honest, so honest that sometimes he doesn’t realize how honest he’s being in his writing until he finishes it.

Ryan made a name for himself through his (mostly) autobiographical, charming and witty writing for publication Thought Catalog. Sample titles include, “I Hate My Body (JK?),” “Coming Out Of The Disabled Closet” and “The Divide Between Gay Men And Straight Women.” From Thought Catalog he was able to take his career to the next level by writing and releasing his first book, “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves.” Following his book release, Ryan made yet another pivot and become a TV writer / executive story editor. His TV resume includes Awkward., Will & Grace and Daytime Divas.

Today, Ryan achieved a major milestone: A Netflix television series. Debuting on April 12th, it showcases the highs and the lows of being gay and having cerebral palsy.

Make sure to check out his unique take on life and spam Ryan to tell him that Thomas from Uncensored Visionary wants to interview him.

Check out him out on his Instagram page and Twitter page.
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Preston Chamblee - The Balancing Act

Preston Chamblee didn’t expect it. By ‘it’, I mean his success. He began ballet training in Wendell, North Carolina at the age of 14. He then continued training at the Internal Ballet Academy in Apex, NC before heading off to the School of America Ballet (SAB) during the summers. In 2015, Preston joined the New York City Ballet and has never looked back with his breakout role of Peter Martins’ “The Infernal Machine”. describes his performance with Unity Phelan as, “With these two dancers, the piece appeared to have a more feral focus: less machine, and more inferno. It was a fabulous performance by both these young dancers.” Since then he has starred in Lauren Lovette’s Not Our Fate (2018) —

Ultimately, he would love to “I hope to be part of a generation that can change the boundaries of what ballet can do, a generation that says we’re going to represent everyone, not just the stories that have been told before.”

Check out him out on his Instagram page.  
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