Sue Bird - The Ultimate Champion

Sue Bird with the no look pass.” That’s one phrase that is synonymous with the brilliance of Sue Bird’s basketball career. I’m not even going to lie, I’ve been a HUGE fan of Sue Bird ever since she lead the UConn Huskies to two National championships from 1998–2002. Watching her play in college was like watching a well orchestrated symphony. With her assist finesse, beautiful stroke of her shot and her leadership skills, Sue Bird is one in a million player.

After her brilliant career at UConn, she transitioned to the WNBA. The question for college players, including Sue, would be: Could she handle the rigor of the WNBA after performing so well at the college level? The answer was and is a resounding YES. She has since lead the Seattle Storm to three WNBA Championship (and played with fellow badass Lauren Jackson). After 16 years (omg I feel old) in the WNBA, Sue continues to slay as she led the Storm to a championship as recently as 2018.

Let’s support Sue Bird by tuning into her incredible show in the WNBA and let’s hope she’ll one day appear on Uncensored Visionary.

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Pierre Hache (Kiddy Smile) — The new icon of French House

Imagine living your life and getting a call that the president of your country wants you to play for them. Well that’s what happened to Pierre Hache last June in Paris. He got the call that would allow him to perform his DJ set for French President Emmanuel Macron. Growing up, Pierre was never asked about his sexuality because he says, “Fat is never associated with sexuality, so nobody was asking why I didn’t have a girlfriend.” He didn’t grow up surrounded by gays and didn’t have any experience with the gay community until he moved to Paris. But when he found his community, he didn’t feel like he fit in…until he discovered the ballroom scene.

Today, Pierre is a ballroom constant, performing as Kiddy Smile and competing in the “runway” category. Additionally, in late 2018 he signed a deal with Next Models (Take that! everyone who called him “ugly”), he’s in the french ballroom movie “Climax” and recently released his debut album, “One Trick Pony.” With a ton of festival bookings as well as a shout out from Ru Paul, Pierre is on his way to becoming the ultimate cool kid.

Check out his song “Dickmatized” here and find out more about Pierre Hache aka Kiddy Smile on his Instagram page.

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Reinaldo Irizarry  –  Self Made Style Savant

* New Feature * Every week, this season, we will be spotlighting a badass LGBTQ person that we hope to interview. Today’s spotlight features Style Savant Reinaldo Irizarry:

New York to Los Angeles, and finally, to San Francisco. Reinaldo Irizarry is a jet-setting, style savant who has contributed to publications such as Mr. Turk, ALDO, Details & GQ Magazine. I first discovered Reinaldo in 2009, when I met him backstage at a JoJo / Joe Jonas concert in Denver, Colorado. At the time, he was a stylist for JoJo and had previously styled Adrienne Bailon, Haylie Duff and Mel B. Additionally he had his own fashion profile, which eventually blossomed into his fashion website

Since then he has written a book [Style Protocol: A Style Guide Engineered for Modern Men] and propelled himself as one of the premier fashion / style resources for men all over the world. Check out his impressive IG here and hopefully one day we’ll hear from him on Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast.

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