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About Uncensored Visionary – A LGBTQ Podcast

Uncensored Visionary – A LGBTQ Podcast a podcast that takes a deep dive into who and what makes the LGBTQ so great.

On this weekly podcast, Thomas Tucker interviews badass LGBTQ actors, comedians, scientists, etc. Through discussions of upbringing, career, sex, the LGBTQ community and more each episode showcases the uniqueness, depth and diversity of the LGBTQ community. Uncensored Visionary aims to engage with LGBTQ badasses to learn what makes us such an incredible community and ultimately celebrate not only our similarities but also our differences.

The Details

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Download / Subscribe: Episodes for Uncensored Visionary can be listened to directly on and subscribed / listened to on most podcast platforms including Apple, Google Play, Spotify and Soundcloud. Episodes are also released on YouTube for worldwide listening.

Schedule: Uncensored Visionary releases episodes every Wednesday at 5am EST

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Twitter: @uvlgbt



What people are saying about Uncensored Visionary

I’m always trying to find new podcasts to listen to, and this one if off to a great start! I am happy to see a podcast like this, Mr. Tucker has created a new platform for LGBTQ folks in diverse areas to explain and expose their craft. I’ve enjoyed the variety individuals that the podcast has interviewed thus far, I’m excited to hear more from this podcast.

– scowlingowl reviewer on Apple

From one queer podcaster to another, you’re doing great work for our community

– @ljilapa on IG

Keep doing this! This is beautiful! I can’t wait to see where you take this podcast.

– Miss Pvssy

It was great chatting with you! Thanks for what you do <3

– Sampson McCormick on IG



You can download the Uncensored Visionary press kit, via Google Drive, in a zip file by clicking here, or on the folder below:


The Creator

Uncensored Visionary was created and produced by Thomas Tucker.

Thomas is an infovore who currently works in finance at Dropbox and chairs an International Development Young Professionals Group. His past life includes working in marketing as an outside consultant and collaborating with the teams behind Solange, Tamia, JoJo, Taylor Lautner, Teairra Mari, MTV, BET and more. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

Thomas developed Uncensored Visionary out of pure intrigue into the uniqueness of the LGBTQ community. Additionally, he was sick of hearing people show off and talk about how one dimensional LGBTQ individuals are and wanted to showcase the uniqueness, heart and diversity of his people.


Uncensored Visionary is produced by Thomas Tucker for UV Media.

Uncensored Visionary’s cover art is by Thomas Tucker.

Uncensored Visionary is recorded at the UV Media Studios in San Francisco, CA.